Mission & Vision


PRN Mission

PRN works through confidentiality and trust to educate, prevent, intervene, refer, support, and monitor professionals and students who are experiencing problems that threaten both their well-being and the quality of their professional practice. PRN stresses the importance of approach and focuses on early identification, treatment, and advocacy for program participants.

PRN Vision

PRN strives to provide assistance to professionals and students in a rehabilitative manner. PRN prides itself in the quality and non-stigmatizing nature of the services provided to the professional community. In addition to career reestablishment, participants often experience a rebirth of their professional, spiritual, and family life. This rebirth is PRNs ultimate goal. Early identification, appropriate treatment, and supportive recovery guidelines enhance the services of PRN as clients work toward a safe and effective return to practice. The safety and confidence of the citizens of Texas is essential to the vision.

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