In cases where an individual seeks our help and is not already known by the licensing board, his/her participation is not disclosed outside of PRN as long as the individual follows through with our process to determine safety to practice and all recommendations necessary to maintain recovery. In cases where the licensing board is already involved, PRN is able to advocate on the individual’s behalf regarding licensure concerns, assist in obtaining new DEA licenses when appropriate, and help the individual maintain malpractice insurance. Our program is designed to address all aspects of a healthy, successful recovery including ongoing monitoring and thus accountability. We provide an instant connection with other healthcare professionals that suffer from this terrible disease, have experience working with PRN, and have experience under a Board Order through his/her licensing board.

PRN provides individuals with the means to a confidential recovery. If you call for help for someone in need, your name will not be divulged under any circumstances. The PRN staff may ask for your name and phone number so we can obtain further information and let you know if we were able to make contact with the potentially impaired professional.