Make a Referral

In order to make a referral, please contact the PRN 24-Hour Confidential Helpline at 800-727-5152. Calls made after 5:00 pm are returned the next business day. An after-hours number is available in case of an emergency: 512-496-7247.

Participants may enter into the program in one of the following ways:


Self Referral

Individual contacts PRN themselves without being required to do so by a 3rd party or Board representative and is considered a volunteer.

3rd Party Referral

Individual is referred to PRN by a concerned 3rd party via postal, email or telephonic communication. The referral source will remain anonymous to the potential participant. The referral source will be notified once initial contact is made with the prospective participant. Beyond that point, no additional information will be shared with the referral source unless proper releases are obtained from the individual. Third-party referrals may include families, friends, colleagues, or any other credible source. Participant is still considered a volunteer.

Investigator Referrals

Licensing board investigators can refer prospective participants to PRN. Once the individual has made contact with PRN, he/she will be informed that due to the licensing board’s involvement, PRN will be notifying the investigator or licensing board staff of his/her compliance with the PRN process to determine if an impairment or public safety concern exists.

Board Order Referrals

Individual licensing boards refer individuals to PRN via a Board Order, and therefore participant is considered board-ordered in the program.