Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Screening and Chain of Custody (COC) Forms

How do I register with PRN’s testing company, RecoveryTrek?

You’ll enroll online when you receive a “New Participant Account” email from RecoveryTrek to initiate the process. The password is only valid for 24 hours, so please check your email regularly and respond immediately.

How does the IVR/online system work?

When you check in by phone or online, the system will notify you if you’ve been selected to test that day. If you are selected to test, the IVR/Web will specify the test number you are required to select on your Chain of Custody (COC) form. You are responsible for marking the correct test number on the COC form. Failure to do so can result in repeating the collection and the test. You could be penalized for your negligence. If you are selected to test on a panel that is not designated on the COC form, check the box that says “Other” and write in the test number you were selected for. After submitting a specimen at a collection site, you must retain a copy of the COC form for your records. It is your responsibility to make sure you have a copy of the COC form for every specimen that you are required to provide. This is essentially your only way of proving you have tested when required.

How do I order a COC form?

You can order COC forms by contacting RecoveryTrek at (757) 943-9800, Extension 2. You can also place the order online once you’re logged into your Participant Portal. Simply click the “Order” tab, then click “New.” It does not cost you to order COC forms. You are not charged until you actually test. Please note that COC forms are only shipped on the 1st and 15th of the month, so be sure to place your order well before running out of forms to avoid paying an overnight shipping cost.

How many COC forms should I order?

There is no cost to you to order COC forms. Therefore it is recommended that you order about 20 at a time. Once you are down to 5 forms, you’ll need to place an order for more, as forms typically take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to arrive.

What do I do if I am selected to test and don’t have a COC form?

DO NOT CALL THE PRN EMERGENCY LINE; there is nothing we can do for you at this point. If it’s during normal business hours, you can call Mary at RecoveryTrek at (757) 943-9800, Extension 2 and ask that they issue an electronic COC form directly to the lab where you test. There is no guarantee that your lab of choice will accept electronic COC forms. If they don’t and you are unable to test, you will be held responsible. Also, you’ll need to notify your case manager during normal business hours.

What if I am selected to test but my lab has already closed for the day?

All participants should have a backup plan in the event that you can’t make it to your normal testing site during regular business hours. We recommend contacting RecoveryTrek once you are registered and ask that they look up a lab in your area that has extended hours. If RecoveryTrek is unable to find a lab, we suggest looking online at Concentra lab locations. After-hour labs typically charge an extra collection fee (usually $10-$20) and Concentra labs may charge an additional fee since they aren’t used primarily by RecoveryTrek. Therefore, we don’t recommend using them regularly, but they are a good option if you need to test in the evenings. Calling PRN to tell us your lab has already closed for the day is not a valid excuse to miss a test, so you’ll need to do everything in your power to find a way to a testing site. It’s best to have this plan in place from the beginning should you ever need to utilize it.

Are there different options for my daily check-ins?

Yes, you can check in using the phone IVR (757-414-6039) or by checking in online at the RecoveryTrek website and clicking “Participant Login”.

How do I check-in to the IVR or website?

Once you register with Recovery Trek, you will be given a username and password to allow you access.

How do I find a lab to test?

RecoveryTrek will provide you with testing sites in your area. If there are no labs in your area within a reasonable distance, you are welcome to find a different lab and call RecoveryTrek to request that they contract specifically with that lab for you. You can also use Quest or Concentra lab locations, but they usually charge an additional collection fee. This takes time to coordinate, so do not wait until you are selected to test to make this request.

What if I am going out of town?

If you’re testing with PRN, you’ll need to submit a vacation request 2 weeks in advance. If you’re vacation request is longer than 7 days, please be prepared to submit supporting documents to your case manager, such as a travel itinerary, flight and/or hotel information. The PRN Director will need to approve this type of request. If you’re a pharmacist and on Board Orders, contact TSBP.

What do I do if the RecoveryTrek system is down and I can’t get through to check in?

There have been times when RecoveryTrek is down due to power outages, etc. If this happens, RecoveryTrek will notify PRN immediately and all missed calls or tests for that day will be deleted. PRN participants will not be held responsible for missing a call or test under these circumstances.

What do I do if PRN calls and says my drug screen result came back as dilute?

To avoid dilute urine results, you must consider the following guidelines when providing a Urine Drug Specimen:

  • Drink no more than 12 ounces of fluid in the three hours before the test. If you cannot urinate at the collection site, then drink four ounces every half-hour until you can.
  • Do not use any caffeine within three hours of the test (i.e. coffee, tea, or soft drinks, unless they are caffeine-free).
  • Do not take a diuretic within a few hours of the test. Doing so may cause too much water in the urine for accurate testing. It is your responsibility to schedule your UDS around a prescribed diuretic so that the effects of the medication does not affect the results of the test.

If you have a unique medical condition that may cause UDS irregularities such as a dilute sample, please consult your physician and notify PRN of the findings.



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